How to get involved

We are always looking for new volunteers, or for experienced mink trappers to link into the project.

Mink Trap

Mink Trap

Trackers: If you’d like to help us map mink distribution then we can give you a mink raft to monitor. These are small “rafts” with clay pads to record footprints of any mink which walk across. The rafts should be checked every week or fortnight and any footprints identified (you may get other animal prints such as otters/watervoles).

Using rafts will give us an idea about mink distribution and movement across Lochaber, which will allow us to targeting our trapping more effectively.

Trappers: In areas where there are known or suspected mink we move on to trapping the mink. Once a trap is set it must be checked every day, so this is a more serious time commitment. Once you have trapped a mink it cannot be released, and must be dispatched humanely, preferably using an air rifle of 8ft/lbs. We can provide traps and mink lure but you will have to own your own air gun.

The more volunteers we have then the greater impact we can have on mink. If you would like to become a volunteer please contact us on

This project is organised by Lochaber Fisheries Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage, but couldn’t work without the very much appreciated help from our wide network of volunteers.